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Designed to be a true drop-in replacement trigger for the AR-15 platform.* The Wide Open Trigger is a hard-reset trigger that has been engineered to last and endure repetitive use.

Superb Reliability, With A Patent-Pending Spring Carrier

Easy To Install Plug-n-Play Solution

Most Abrasion-Resistant Metal In The World, HardoxTM Steel

The WOT Trigger comes preinstalled in the F1 Receiver Set The WOT trigger can be purchased separately here:

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Title: Improving Accuracy and Control with the WOT Trigger

When it comes to firearm triggers, the WOT Trigger stands out as a game-changer among shooting enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the features, advantages, and reasons why the WOT Trigger has gained popularity among gun owners. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a firearm enthusiast, understanding the benefits of the WOT Trigger can significantly enhance your shooting experience.

1. Introducing the WOT Trigger:
The WOT (Wide Open Throttle) Trigger is a high-performance aftermarket trigger system designed to improve trigger control, reset speed, and overall shooting accuracy. Engineered with precision and attention to detail, the WOT Trigger offers shooters a unique combination of enhanced shooting performance and exceptional reliability.

2. Enhanced Trigger Control:
One of the key advantages of the WOT Trigger is its ability to provide shooters with enhanced trigger control. It offers a consistent and clean trigger break, minimizing trigger creep and reducing muzzle movement during the critical moment of firing. This enhanced control translates into improved accuracy and tighter shot groupings.

3. Rapid Reset Speed:
The WOT Trigger is designed to provide a rapid trigger reset, enabling faster follow-up shots and improved shooting speed. The shorter reset distance allows shooters to quickly and efficiently reset the trigger for subsequent shots, reducing the time between rounds and increasing overall shooting efficiency.

4. Customizable Options:
The WOT Trigger often offers customizable options to suit individual shooter preferences. This may include options for trigger pull weight, trigger shoe design, and other adjustable features. By tailoring the trigger to their specific needs, shooters can achieve a personalized shooting experience that optimizes comfort and control.

5. Safety Features:
The WOT Trigger typically incorporates safety features to ensure reliable and secure operation. Many models have built-in mechanisms that prevent accidental discharges caused by impacts or mishandling. These safety features contribute to a safer shooting experience, providing peace of mind to gun owners.

6. Installation and Compatibility:
Proper installation of the WOT Trigger is crucial for optimal performance. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when installing the trigger system, ensuring a secure and reliable fit. Additionally, the WOT Trigger is typically designed to be compatible with various firearm models, making it a versatile choice for gun owners.

For gun owners seeking to enhance their shooting performance, the WOT Trigger offers a high-quality solution. With its enhanced trigger control, rapid reset speed, and customizable options, this aftermarket trigger system has gained popularity among shooters looking to improve accuracy, speed, and overall shooting experience. Remember to follow proper installation procedures and always prioritize safety. Upgrade your firearm with the WOT Trigger and unlock a new level of precision and control in your shooting endeavors.

The Wide Open Trigger (WOT) is the world’s first hard-reset trigger designed for AR-15 platforms chambered in .223/5.56.*

Designed as a true “plug-and-play” drop-in replacement trigger, the WOT is easily installed without the help of a professional gunsmith.

Featuring Hardox™, the world’s most abrasion-resistant steel, the WOT trigger is designed to last for the life of your firearm and endure repetitive use. The WOT is suitable for tactical, competitive, or recreational use. Unlike other triggers, the WOT delivers an exceptionally smooth, crisp, creep-free trigger pull. No gunsmithing, fitting, or adjusting is required. Just drop it in and go! Even better? It’s made to resist the wear and tear that other triggers can’t live up to. Pin walkout? Nope! It’s not an issue with our proprietary design that uses a patent-pending spring carrier and comes with anti-walk pins. Shoot hundreds of rounds? Thousands of rounds? Don’t make us laugh.

The WOT will take whatever you dish out and then some. Go ahead. Try it and see!

wot trigger HARDOXTM STEEL

The WOT has a patent-pending, spring-locking bar that makes the trigger unique. The trigger’s hammer is reinforced with Hardox steel, which due to its toughness, copes with shocks, jolts, bangs, nicks, and jabs day after day. This material allows the WOT to take the constant beating of the bolt carrier group (BCG) as it cycles back and forth in an AR-15 rifle or pistol.

Thank you for reading this post, don’t forget to subscribe!The WOT is not capable of being a fully automatic trigger because the hammer is released by the locking bar and hits the firing pin. The firing pin then activates the primer on the brass casing which allows only one bullet to make its way out of the rifle with each pull of the trigger.

wide open trigger


The wide-open throttle trigger (WOT) is a two-stage, hard-reset trigger that allows the user the ability to shoot faster, while still allowing only one single shot per trigger pull. The trigger is designed to shorten the length and time a trigger needs to reset itself, by using the elastic energy of the patent-pending spring carrier. When compressed, the spring carrier forces the trigger into a neutral or reset position.

wide open trigger

wide open throttle trigger

The Wide Open Trigger (WOT) is a two-stage, hard-reset trigger that allows the user the ability to shoot faster, while still allowing only one single shot


The trigger is designed to fit AR-15 platforms with a full-auto bolt carrier group.* The k trigger WOT is easily installed without the help of a professional gunsmith (although, we always recommend a gunsmith to inspect your firearm). Shooters can now experience the thrill of shooting a hard-reset trigger in their AR-15. The WOT Trigger comes preinstalled in the F1 Receiver Set The WOT trigger can be purchased separately here:
wot trigger
To install the wide open trigger for sale:
  1. Remove the upper receiver from the lower receiver.
  2. Gently allow the hammer to go forward after depressing the trigger.
  3. Remove the grip from the lower receiver, along with the safety and the safety pin.
  4. Remove the trigger, hammer, and springs.
  5. Replace with the WOT (it will have a snug fit).
  6. Anti-walk pins are included and should be installed on the trigger to avoid malfunctions.
  7. Reinstall the safety pin, spring, and grip.
  8. Reinstall the upper receiver.


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