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7mm-08 Ammo

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7mm-08 ammo for sale

What is 7mm-08 Ammo?

7mm-08 ammo also known as 7mm-08 Remington is a type of centerfire rifle cartridge used for hunting and target shooting. It has a bullet diameter of 7mm and was developed as a hunting cartridge with similar ballistic performance to the popular .308 Winchester, but with less recoil. It is commonly used for hunting deer, elk, and other medium-sized game.

How to reload 7mm-08 Ammo?

Reloading 7mm-08 ammunition involves a detailed process that requires proper knowledge, equipment, and adherence to safety guidelines.  Below are 10 easy steps to take to reload 7mm-08 ammo.

1. Gather reloading equipment and components: Ensure you have a reloading press, dies specific to 7mm-08, priming tool, powder scale, powder measure, case trimmer, calipers, reloading manual, empty brass cases, primers, bullets, and appropriate powder for the desired load.

2. Inspect and clean brass cases: Examine and clean the brass cases to ensure they are free from debris, dirt, and defects. Remove any spent primers from the cases using a decapping tool.

3. Resize and deprime cases: Lubricate the cases using a suitable lubricant, then use the resizing die in the reloading press to resize the cases to the appropriate dimensions. As the cases are resized, the spent primers will be pushed out (deprimed) from the case.

4. Clean and trim cases (if necessary): Use a case trimmer to trim the cases to the proper length if they have stretched during firing. Clean the cases again to remove any lubricant or debris.

5. Prime the cases: Place a new primer into the priming tool and seat it into the primer pocket of each resized case. Ensure that primers are seated correctly and fully inserted.

6. Charge the cases with powder: Use a powder measure or scale to measure the appropriate amount of powder as specified by the reloading manual for the desired load. Carefully pour the powder into each primed case.

7. Seat the bullets: Select the desired bullets and adjust the seating die in the reloading press according to the reloading manual. Place a bullet on the case mouth and carefully lower the press handle to seat the bullet to the desired depth.

8. Check overall cartridge length: Use calipers to measure the overall cartridge length (COAL) of the reloaded rounds. Ensure they meet the specified COAL specified in the reloading manual. Adjust bullet seating depth if necessary.

9. Inspect and finalize: Inspect each reloaded cartridge for any defects or abnormalities. Check for proper primer seating, powder charge, and bullet seating depth. Ensure all components are correctly assembled.

10. Store and label: Store the reloaded ammunition in suitable containers, clearly labeling them with load data, date, and any other relevant information for future reference.

Is 7mm-08 ammo easy to find?

Yes, 7mm-08 is a popular and widely used caliber for hunting and target shooting, so it is typically easier to find compared to more niche or less common calibers.

How many fps is a 7mm-08 factory ammo?

The fps (feet per second) of a 7mm-08 factory ammo can vary depending on the specific ammunition and rifle used. However, on average, it can have a velocity of around 2,700 fps.


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