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7-30 waters ammo

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The 7-30 Waters ammo is a popular rifle round that was designed in the late 1970s by Ken Waters. It is primarily used for hunting medium-sized game such as deer and elk. The cartridge is known for its flat nose bullets, which are designed for maximum stopping power and accuracy at short to medium ranges. However, pointed bullets can also be used with this cartridge for longer range shooting. The 7-30 Waters is typically chambered for lever-action rifles, but can also be used in bolt-action rifles with the appropriate chamber. It is a versatile and reliable cartridge that continues to be popular among hunters and shooting enthusiasts.

The 7-30 Waters ammo is often associated with tubular magazine rifles, such as the iconic Winchester Model 94. This rifle was the first to be chambered for the 7-30 Waters cartridge and remains a popular choice among hunters. Another popular rifle for this cartridge is the Thompson Center Contender, which is a single-shot rifle known for its accuracy and versatility. Both the Model 94 and the Thompson Center Contender have been used by hunters and shooters for decades, solidifying the reputation of the 7-30 Waters cartridge as a reliable and effective round.

The 7-30 Waters cartridge was first introduced by Winchester in 1984 as a modification of the .30-30 Winchester cartridge. It was designed by Ken Waters, a renowned gun writer and wildcatter, who wanted to create a more powerful and versatile cartridge for hunting. The 7-30 Waters cartridge features a spitzer bullet, which has a pointed tip and is known for its aerodynamic design and long-range capabilities. This makes it a popular choice for hunters looking to take down medium-sized game at longer distances.

where can i buy 7-30 waters ammo?

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what companies make 7 x 30 waters ammo?

Some companies that make 7×30 waters ammo are Winchester, Federal Premium, and Hornady. Is there a particular brand you are looking for?


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